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What direction are you heading today?

Posted by Gail Rodgers on June 18 2014

Driving along the highway yesterday, I took my eyes off the road for just a second to see an animal in the ditch.

As I looked back at the road I saw that in that brief span of time I had begun to veer toward the direction I was looking.

It’s a good reminder. We go where we focus.

Where is your focus taking you today? What direction are you heading? You can choose your pathway … here’s how …..

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Part 14 - Trust God? But How?

Posted on January 15 2013

As we face the day -to -day challenges of life we are told to “trust God” with the uncertainties that worry us.  Trust God with the blind corners and with that next step even when it feels there is nowhere to place your foot. It can sound so trite at times when our minds swim with the “what if” possibilities.

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